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Investigation Tools

HSF enters each investigation with the goal of finding answers for our clients. We use the most updated equipment and always looking at ways to improve our equipment to get the best results.
The following is a list of the equipment we use : 
1. EMF (Electromagnetic Field) Meters- Digital, K-Meter, Tri Field Meter, EDI Meter, Mel Meter Rook Meter
EMF Meters measure electromagnetic fluctuations in the area.
2. Ghost Boxes- Ovilus, SB11
Promotes communication with potentially intelligent entities.
3. Audio Recorders- Digital, Wrist Recorders, RT-EVP 2
Used to capture EVP evidence.
4. Video Recorders- IR DVR Setup, Full Spectrum, IR Lighting
IR and Full Spectrum lighting can detect visual abmormalities deeper into the light spectrum.
5. Cameras- Digital, Full Spectrum, Flir Camera
Captures potential evidence with still shots.
6. Laser Grids- Red Square Grid, Green Dot Grid
Allows to detect movement and/or shadows of anomalies.
7. Thermometers- IR Digital, Mel Meter, Boo Buddy Bear
Detects temperature changes, signaling possible paranormal activity.
***The most important part of our investigations, is our team of talented and dedicated people. Our team consist of Sensitives and technical people who are experienced with the equipment and the proper procedure of conducting an investigation. We are professional and open minded to all possible causes of the client's concerns.


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