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The Investigation

HSF performs investigations, FREE OF CHARGE. Our goal is to meet the needs of our clients and find answers to your concerns. All investigations are kept confidential.
The goal of each case is to conduct a thorough investigation. We do individualize each case to investigate the history of the property and the experiences of the clients.
The following is the investigation procedure of HSF:
A. Initial Contact via Phone or email:
Client meets with a HSF member via phone or in person. To gather history and concerns from the client.
To set the time and date for the investigation.
B. Investigation:
1. Client walks through with the Lead Investigstor to discuss experiences and "hot spots".
***Only one member or two members, depending on the contact will know the history and cocerns. This allows the team to enter the investigation with no pre determined ideas of history or "hot spots".
2. Tech team sets up the equipment.
3. Remaining team members get "Base Line Readings".
***Base Line Readings include EMF sweeps, Temperature sweeps and pictures. This gives the team a base reading to mark any differences during the investigation. The pictures allows the team to review back to suspected areas of activity.
4. Lights Out!: This reduces false orbs and mists if any flash cameras are used. It allows the team to use IR and Full Spectrum equipment.
5. Investigation Time Frame: These times will vary, depending on the amount of activity.
C. Post investigation:
The team will review the audio and video recordings, pictures, and discussion of the findings. This may take a few days, depending on the amount of evidence.We understand that the client is waiting for answers. Our goal is for a quick turn around.
HSF will contact the lient to set up a time to discuss any evidence captured. We will discuss any suggestions and if there is a need for further investigation(s).
***Please feel free to contact us at any time if you have questions or concerns. Although, during the evidence reviewing process, we may not have a complete opinion of the investigation.


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